I'd Rather Watch Paint Dry Than To Watch England Play again…

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Last night was a blur, was i watching footy or was i watching the bold and the beautiful?.

The Premiership is really a good league to watch but when it comes to their national team i seriously rather watch paint dry than to watch England play, they were utterly boring, lack ideas,dull and the list could go on and on.

Thank goodness there was the Portugal – Belgium game right after that and the Portugal ease my pain of watching bad footy, Cristiano Ronaldo was on fire and the Portugese were like man of war constantly attacking the Belgiums (*cue 300 & the Persians), Ricardo “crybaby” Quaresma actually put his skills to good use with a brilliant goal and veteran Nuno Gomes also got on the scoring act.

I can’t wait for Portugal’s next game against Serbia (Ronaldo v.s Vidic) but i can’t say the same for the next England game.

By Matt

Matt is the owner and chief-editor of the Footy Blog, one of the UK's leading football news blogs.