Jack Grealish Salary and Net Worth in 2021

Jack Grealish Salary and Net worth in 2021

Jack Grealish is a 26 year old English professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or winger for the England national team and Premier League Club Manchester City. 

Based on recent reports this Aston Villa football player signed a fairly handsome deal with Manchester city club that made him the most expensive English player ever. 


Here’s a bit more info on his current salary and his estimated net worth in 2021.

Jack Grealish salary


Jack Grealish’s Salary in 2021

Jack Grealish has signed a six year contract with Manchester city club and is expected to earn an annual wage of £10.4 million or $21.5 million and remain at the club till summer 2027. 

His monthly wage is £1.3 million or $1.80 million. 

Per day that works out at £43,333 or $60,000.

Breaking that down further, Grealish earns £1,805 or $2,500 per hour.


Jack Grealish’s Salary at Aston Villa

Jack Grealish’s average annual salary at Aston Villa is £5.76 million or $7.95 million. 

His monthly wage is £480,000 or $662,500.

Per day his earnings are £16,000 or $22,000. 

Breaking that down further, Grealish earns £666 or $917 per hour.


Jack Grealish Net Worth in 2021

The net worth of this English attacking midfielder player in 2021 is estimated to be £24.2 million, or $33.40 million. 








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