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Javier Mascherano Red Carded for Kicking Medical Staff

Here’s a clip of Javier Mascherano once again prooving how much of an idiot he is, kicking a medical staff member who is driving him from the pitch after picking up an apparent injury. Mascherano later said of the incident:

“I’m ashamed of myself. You always try to endorse non-violence. I made a mistake. It’s not nice to be sent off like that and create such a turmoil.”
“The cart was going too quickly, it was moving below me and I was about to fall. The doctor and I told him to drive more slowly, he didn’t and I reacted. But, as I said, it wasn’t justified.”
“If I tell you ‘Drive more slowly, I’m going to fall’, you should drive more slowly. Anyway, this saddens me. The show shouldn’t be tarnished by that last image of me.”

Mascherano expulsado by hoyno255

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