Kerlon Moura Souza – The "Seal" that attracted Man Utd

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Welcome to the world of Kerlon Moura Souza the 18-year-old Brazilian dude with one of the more unusual skill in world footy, so much so that Manchester United are keeping tabs on him and may bring him to Old Trafford in the summer.

I think Utd would rather buy him later on but as with the case of Cristiano Ronaldo they may be force into action sooner than expected as the “seal” has attracted other clubs as well (Arsenal, Bayern,Inter).However Kerlon himself has revealed that he would rather play in Spain than England..Real Madrid anyone?

Kerlon currently plays for Cruzeiro EC in the Brazilian League.

So what is so good about this player you might ask, well besides having the usual stepover trick and other fancy footwork that most brazilian possess this particular player has a skill that has been dubbed Seal dribble

The Seal dribble consists of various steps and has many benefits. The seal dribble makes it very hard for the defending team to challenge legally. Swiftly flicking the ball up from the turf onto the head, the player then proceeds to glide past opponents, whilst bouncing the ball on top of their forehead.

He also has some really sweet free kick skills.

Of course texts are useless, so here is the video:

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