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fifa 13 review

FIFA is a football international association which controls the gaming events and rules. With the increase in the craze for Soccer in people it got the fame which is incomparable with any other game. It was adopted by people as a recreational activity locally at home. Electronic Arts introduced Video-gaming version of this sport which is known as FIFA, FIFA football or Soccer. It is a series of association football video games and is released annually under EA Sports label by Electronic Arts.

The Electronic Arts Sports label had introduced several versions of this game like the older version of soccer played in 1980 and it is equally popular as today’s gaming. This series begun in late 1993 and it have an official license from the central governing football association, FIFA. Electronic Arts was the first to have it. After the record breaking FIFA 12 which is considered as the fastest selling sports game ever,
As we all know this game is a team play and how we can imagine one single person have a play. It is complicated by it is very simple if someone is playing on this environment.

FIFA 13 has many amazing features to lineup the team squad and rotates according the upcoming situation. Along with the assistant manager it also has player manager to manage the player activities like to stride, passing the ball and other major player motions in the field.
Latest FIFA video game allows 360 degrees of player control which allows a complete action and direction controllability.
Career mode is also an important feature which allows carrier manager, the newest conditions and traps are also included with many famous players. The soccer celebrities like Wayne Rooney, Martin Tyler and others are included in this version.

The tagline provided to this Soccer gamming version is “Join the Club” and the song given as title to this revolutionary product release is by Kasabian “Club Foot”.
Compatibility is no issue for this because it can successfully grove on Microsoft windows, iOS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox360, Wii U, Wii. Saudi Professional League is said to be featured in this exclusive package. Besides these some awesome features which a soccer lover can’t resists, like the technique known as complete dribbling which allows complete means 360 degrees of mobility with the ball, which makes players to become more creative and amazing during the one-on-one confrontations. It is liked by people all around the world.
Elimination of perfect near touches for all players allows defenders to take advantage and score because of opposition lack of focus and poor touch.

The attacking intelligence feature allows player to analyze or judge and then think ahead for a perfect attacking strategy which makes it easier to breakdown defense. Along with the attacking intelligence, the goalkeeping intelligence is also being improved in the latest FIFA Videogame.
To increase the competition, reward system is also there in latest FIFA video game. Entertainment with world class interactivity is the main motive which is being solved with this gaming environment.

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