Man Utd in a situation of hope moving into Top 4

In an interview with Sky Sports, Jose Mourinho revealed his thoughts toward current situation quite straightforwardly, “It is very difficult, we have to be honest”, and say that it is very difficult, not just the difference in point but the Chelsea philosophy of play. However, as far as people know about this brain, his comment does not mean he would suppress his desire in England. What we can assume about his statement is that he plans to choose a practical way that is obtaining champions league ticket.

Even if a manager of Manchester United FC admitted that it must be tough to catch up with Chelsea which is now 13 points behind, the road to the top 4 seems surely not as difficult as winning the title for two reasons.

1. Upcoming games

In the next three games, Manchester United will play against Sunderland, Middlesbrough, and West ham who Man U would have high possibility of winning based on the table that is all under 13th and the statistics in many previous matches. Although it will not be easy games for Man U due to the tight schedule, there seems no other choice but to win now.

2. Habit of not losing

The Red Devils defeated Crystal Palace on 14th December, they became unbeatable in nine games across all competitions. This habit of not losing against any team have made them raise confidence to get ready to reach the top spots. Plus, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is finally back, proving his ability to save the team in critical moments. This Swedish guy has scored five goals in past five league games.

After New Year, there will be some transition of power in the English Premier League. The gap between second-place and sixth-place is only 7 points in which EPL is known as retaining perfect competitive balance and the transfer window starting on Sunday January 1st will make us feel more excited to enjoy it. This is the reason we should keep eyes on every game up until the end of the season.

By Matt

Matt is the owner and chief-editor of the Footy Blog, one of the UK's leading football news blogs.