Mario Balotelli Girlfriend

Raffaella Fico Mario Balotelli

Looks like Mario Balotelli’s in the doghouse not only with Roberto Mancini but also with his girlfriend, Raffaella Fico, after it has been alleged that he has had an affair with a prostitute.

Raffaella Fico Mario Balotelli

Balotelli had been with his Italian model girlfriend Raffaella Fico for quite some time now, and in March manager Mancini suggested that the 2 get married, in order to settle the controversial Italian striker down. Balotelli had been caught in a strip club, but his girlfriend Fico said it was okay as long as he behaved himself. Looks like he’s not followed her advice, and his beautiful girlfriend is now said to be in a bad way due to Balotelli’s sleeping habits.

Mario Balotelli girlfriend

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