Match Fixing in England

An undercover investigation from a leading newspaper in England uncovered a match fixing scandal within the lower leagues of English football.

Footage of the undercover operation can be found online. It clearly shows a “fixer” discussing his ability to fix matches and how he does it. Players are apparently offered thousands of pounds for a fix, which is a 90 minute game, whereas they would normally earn the same amount over the course of a month.

It can be noted that the scandal does not incorporate the Premier League or any of the recognised English Leagues but is still going on amongst the lower leagues. Police have made arrests connected to the scandal however it has only just come to light, so more information will be available within the next couple of days.

Keep an eye on the news section for updates on the story, as match fixing in football, despite it’s damaging reputation to the much loved game, hits the headlines once again.

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By Matt

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