Materazzi and the Headbutt – Part 2 (Video)

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Marco Materazzi get’s headbutted yet again, in all honesty it ain’t too suprising, if you’ve watched Serie A along the years you would know that Materazzi actually deserves all the headbutt he can get. 😉

Materazzi, who reacted angrily when Delvecchio caught Inter keeper Julio Cesar with a late challenge, insisted he did nothing wrong.

“My reaction was instinctive and all I wanted to do was protect my keeper,” said the 33-year-old who lay on the ground as Delvecchio was sent off.

“I went over to say to him ´What do you think you´re doing´?. He then pushed me and I didn´t go down. Then he headbutted me and I fell to the ground. He hurt my lip.

“I admit it when I make a mistake, but on this occasion I didn´t do anything wrong.”


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