Missy Peregrym – The Soccer Loving Hero

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Ok, this will sound a little strange if your not following NBC’s HEROES but if your than you would have come across 24 year old Missy Peregrym who plays the role of Candice Wilmer from episode 18 onwards (i’m on episode 21 now).

Missy Peregrym

Well what you need to know about Missy besides her sexy looks on HEROES is that she was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.She has lived most of her life in Surrey, B.C. with her father, a minister, her mother and two sisters. She began her career in front of the camera at age 18 when she started modeling. The print advertisements soon turned into commercials for Mercedes Benz, Sprint Canada and the Olympics.What you possibly also didn’t know is that Missy is a dedicated soccer player, now that’s just something you don’t hear everyday, especially for a gal.


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