FC Barcelona’s current shape: Neymar and others have to go.

Does he deserve to move from Barcelona?

It is undeniable we have a dream team 3.0 (after Cryuff’s and Guardiola’s), by now. But like some teams tend to success, some teams tend to fall, some really hard that is difficult to get up.
We, fans and not fans, were so accustomed to the success of one of the best teams -perhaps the best in my opinion- so far of this century . We were so accustomed that we are shocked to see them lose big time home in the past Clasico (1-2) against Real Madrid FC.
Since them, something wasn’t working. Perhaps the South American trio MSN -Messi, Suarez, and Neymar- had a tough week playing the two South American qualifying games in that week for Russia 2018 with most favorable results. Neymar didn’t play one game due to the accumulation of yellow cards; he went back to Barcelona instead. It was understandable their physical shape was not the best right after those games that they lost the last Clasico, surprisingly. Although we credit it to Zidane’s strategy.
Right after that, three games lost, including the ones against Atletico in Madrid that eliminate them for the UEFA Champions League semifinals. That was possibly the worst game in years for the MSN; Neymar hardly do anything good, but provoking his rivals and attack some players -as well as for Suarez. What was annoying is not only the fact Messi and Iniesta hardly found spaces to pass, and Suarez missed so many chances on target, but that Neymar, instead of passing the ball to look for spaces, spends the time retaining the ball dribbling, fooling viciously to rivals and provoking fights. That was not the strategy for serious games like those. It irritated some of us that we were getting tired of his immaturity, sometimes unprofessional way to handle the matches.
Another game was against Real Sociedad in Basque Country for La Liga. Ironically the last game against them (0-1, January 2015) marked the beginning of the dream team 3.0: to win consequently 5 cups, including La Liga, and the 2015 UEFA Champions League, and to see the killer trio developed as the famous MSN. 16 months later, again they faced each other, and that is why the dream team 3.0 faded away from its original shape. Neymar again with the same attitude: provocative, immature, and somewhat selfish, Suarez, ineffective as the number 9 in the world, and Iniesta and Messi, powerless. The game lost at home versus Valencia (1-2) proved Neymar’s childish attitude against Jordi Alba. He insulted Alba because Neymar didn’t receive the ball (hint: Cristiano Ronaldo and his team). Sign of frustration or impotence? Yes, he knew it.
Let us not forget his personal excesses outside the field. Frequent journeys to Brazil, having crazy parties, many girls, etc. That reminded me of another great one with the same issues: Ronaldinho. Do not assume though all Brazilians are party-goers and not serious about football. However, when you’re the international image of the team (Like Messi, but in separate cases) and of Nike, like Neymar, you should take this seriously. There is time for everything, yes, but also time to realize your physical and mental shape is more important in the field. Neymar, and others such as Dani Alves, Jordi Alba, know that. Unfortunately, they failed us.
Unsurprisingly like done with others such as Alexis Sanchez, Ibrahimovic, and Ronaldinho, FC Barcelona fans want Neymar out. The management didn’t blink twice. According to The Sun, they found Neymar able to be sold to Manchester United or PSG, not because of his actual shape, but issues with the new sponsor for the next season’s uniform. However, if the club renews Neymar’s contract, it will take a financial risk for the club, since his salary will be around 100,000 euros a week. Manchester United and PSG claimed to triple his pay if he plays with them.
Other players such as Dani Alves and his straightforward in-your-face love-hate mentality added to his current shape, Gerard Pique and his Periscope added to his poor performance, Jordi Alba, including the new “signings” Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal, Douglas, Mathieu, Vermaelen and his injuries have left a lot to desire in the team. Most of all, the defense has to be cleaned up. But Neymar, because of his provocatively poor image in the field, his life outside the field, his cocky and irreverent way of playing, and his financial issues with the club, is in the edge. It is up to him and others to show they’re worth for the club no matter how talented they are. In the meantime, we, the fans, have spoken!

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