Owen Hargreaves’ Fitness Plea

owen hargreaves youtube

We’re probably a bit slow on the uptake of this one but its worth reporting again anyway for those of you who may have missed the story originally, but ex Man United midfielder Owen Hargreaves, who is now a free agent having been released from Old Trafford a few weeks back, has resorted to uploading videos to YouTube in a bid to prove his fitness again.

Hargreaves had also offered to play for Manchester United for free – in a bid to prove that he was fit enough after his troublesome knees were operated on, having plagued him for the past few years. A real top move by a player desperate to play football again, but unfortunately United declined his offer and saved him some dignity. Hargreaves also doesn’t have a football agent and so he obviously felt by uploading his fitness videos to YouTube he may be able to do his own self-promotion.

owen hargreaves youtube

The videos have unsurprisingly been a huge hit with thousands of views already, and some hilarious comments too… the videos feature Hargreaves undergoing various workout routines, being filmed presumably by his trainer.

Hargreaves had been linked to a move to West Bromwich Albion, and today has stated that when he returns to action he will blow people away – and aims too to be fit enough to feature in the England team again, in time for the next Euro championships. High hopes indeed, I just really hope to see him back playing football again as he was such a talented footballer…

Owen Hargreaves Youtube Channel

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