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It’s Kevin Footballer Agent Sketch

You’ve probably never seen this sketch show before (its currently showing on BBC2 at about 10pm on Thursdays) and its a bit hit and miss. Some sketches are funny, some less so. Anyway here’s one of my favourites – featuring the misunderstood footballer and his agent/ghostwriter! (Skip to 12.29!)

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Van Persie wrong changing room

Van Persie almost walks into Arsenal dressing room

Here’s Van Persie proving old habits die young, almost entering the Arsenal dressing room. Who’d have thought he’d want to return to Arsenal eh? Manager Wenger later stated that he did in fact come into the changing room, after the game, to enjoy the food and chat to the players…

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Tulisa with boyfriend Simpson

Tulisa dating Danny Simpson

Tulsia and the Newcastle defender Danny Simpson have been dating for quite some time now and the papers seem to be loving the couple. Tulisa came to fame through the hip-hop group N-Dubz and then went on to appear on shows such as the X-Factor. Danny Simpson has been lucky enough to be dating Tulisa for quite some time now, …

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How to become a Football Agent

Want to get involved with the glitz and glamour of the game but don’t have the ability to be a professional footbaler? You’re probably not the only one. There are many ways to get involved with professional football – either as a coach, a scout, a physio, working within the admin or running of the club, or perhaps even as …

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Tevez scars

How Carlos Tevez got his Neck Scars

Ever wondered exactly how Carlos Tevez got his neck scars? You’re unlikely to be the first. According to Wikipedia, Tevez was accidentally burned with boiling water as a young child. The distinctive scars run from his neck down to his chest. The third degree burns that he received kept him in hospital, in intensive care, for almost 2 months. When …

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Didier drogba back heel video

A brilliant piece of skill carried out by Drogba versus Real Madrid in the Champions League. This back heel goal wasn’t enough to save Galatasary from being knocked out of Europe, despite the Turkish giants winning the game 3-2.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic – The most over-rated player in the world

Yes that’s right. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, aka football’s greatest journeyman, has to be one of the most over-rated footballers in the world. Okay to look at his footballing CV at a quick glance you’ll probably disagree instantly. He’s been with Inter Milan, AC Milan and Barcelona. Now he’s at French giants PSG. Wherever he’s been he’s scored goals – and lots …

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Tevez and Tony Montana lookalike

Carlos Tevez Tony Montana Lookalike

Okay so I’m not sure if it’s just the glasses but Carlos Tevez and Tony Montana (Al Pacino of course) have more then a passing resemblance. Perhaps it’s because its not too impossible to imagine Tevez operating as a Tony Montana-esque character – he’d live up to the name Scarface too…

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