Pictures of Eden Hazard’s girlfriend


Meet lovely Natasha Hazard, the lovely girlfriend and wife of Belgian football player, Eden Hazard. Her husband might be just 23-years-old but he has already got global victory in his present team, Chelsea FC.

Natasha initially met the Attacking midfielder when was just 14. They start dating their poppy-love story became into something much more solid. The link turned into marriage and what marriages do? They eventually birth children and that was the case for Natasha Hazard and her husband too.

Eden Hazard Girlfriend

Her husband played football for Lille French Club which was his last football club before Chelsea FC. Earlier current year Eden revealed that Natasha could influence him to leave Chelsea for large spenders Paris Sain Germain current summer. After all she has been there from begin so she might now what’s remarkable for her man and her family.

Eden Hazard's Girlfriend

The couple has two children; Eden and Natasha are the proud parents of 2 boys. Natasha gave birth to primary born, Yannis on 19 December 2010. 3 years later came 2nd son, Leo Born February 2013. Natasha Hazard who also played soccer during school time has nothing to hesitate about her kids future, her man is the top paid footballer of football Club Chelsea Lille.

Picture's Eden Hazard's Girlfriend

The English club declared the transfer of Eden from Little to Chelsea with an offer of 33 million pounds. So she can just enjoy vacations, sightseeing, and dedicate her time to being a complete time, best mommy.

Photo image of Eden Hazard's Girlfriend

The lovely family of 4 were spotted enjoying some of Time at Paris Disneyland. Natasha seems to be the secret type, although she might be used to the focus her man gets, she favors to play low, and she does not have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account.

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