Pictures of Neymar’s girlfriend

The famous star of FC Barcelona player Neymar actually fits into the category of “celebrities,” and as such he arouses the tremendous interest and curiosity of all football fans. On the other hand, today a remarkable number of hot women frequent the football stadia, and many of these female fans are attracted by expert footballer such as Neymar. Using an easy website survey, I am not shocked to discover a big number of his female fans. Among other things, Famous footballer is a whizz kid, and a widespread trend among adult men shows a powerful liking for multiple relationships.

Neymar's Girlfriend

  • The Nogeira Dantas (Brazilian actress) was born on 1993 met Neymar in 2009-2010, giving him a Son, Lucca.
  • The Barbara Evans (actress and mode) was born on 1991,(one can speak just of hypothetical links with Neymar)
  • The report and model (Nicole Bahls) only 27 years old, I will mention just a feeling link with Neymar in 2011.

Neymar's Girlfriend Pictures

  • The Daniela Carvalho (Brazilian actress) only 27 years old, the links with Neymar were rejected by same Carvalho.
  • The Carol Abranches (model), only 25-years old, Neymar rejected that he had any link with Carol Abranches.
  • The Andressa Suita (actress), only 21-years old. Possible Neymar relationship in 2013, sure there is nothing about a link with Neymar.

Neymar's Girlfriend Photo

  • The Maira Cardi (Model), 27-year old, possible link in 2011, Maira Cardi rejected that she had any link with Neymar.
  • The Robert Appratti (Ballet dancer) only 26 years old possible link with Neymar in 2012
  • The Carol Belli (Brazilian dancer), only 22 years old, possible link with Neymar in 2012 and 2013.

Pictures of Neymar's girlfriend

  • The Dani Sperle (Brazilian model) born in 1992, Neymar girlfriend and according to gossips maybe his wife.
  • Bruna Marquezine (Brazilian actress), born in 1995 (she was begun her relationship with Neymar in 2012 which finished on February 2014).

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