Premiership Club Will Win Champions League : Fergie

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Sir Alex Ferguson believes that an English team will win this season’s Champion League which means either United, Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea will end up lifting the trophy in Athens next May.

English clubs have done well recently with Arsenal reaching the final last season and Liverpool lifting the Cup the in the previous season.

“There is no doubt the Premiership clubs will be there at the end,” said Ferguson.

“It has been proven by past results.

“Arsenal were a surprise packet last year in terms of what other clubs had done against them because they had never been beyond the quarter-final before.

“They did well last season, while Chelsea have more experience and more big names, as do Liverpool more names, more players, while we are certainly looking to improve.

England clubs are improving all the time, so there is no reason why one of the four of us cannot win it.”

Sir Alex will get to test his sayong as his own tam- Man Utd will take on Celtic this wednesday in what has been billed as the “Battle Of Britain” and is quite a mouthwatering prospect although i would have wish that Keano was still playing for Celtic 🙁

I however don’t quite agree with Fergie.

Man Utd don’t really have the resources to cope in the Champions League after having a dull transfer market activity.I don’t think it’s possibble to even reach the semis with a squad that contains only two top fowards in Saha and Rooney, maybe they could do better had they signed Hargreaves but again that could all well change once the January transfer market begins.

Arsenal haven’t really lighted up the Premiership this season have they? Last season’s finalist might find it a little harder this time around especially since they have offloaded some players and brought in a few new faces that have yet to gel as a team, even Thierry Henry looks a bit jaded.

Liverpool too are not showing signs of a former CL Winner, especially after their very emberassing defeat 3-0 to Everton,but one thing Liverpool do have is quality all over the park and i think it’s just a matter of time before they start showing some decent results..hey after all they do have the current world’s deadliest striker in Peter Crouch. 😉

Chelsea really haven’t shown their superiority in their past 3 Premiership outings, they barely scrapped through their games and they too are not properly organize as a team, they have the players, they have the quality but they don’t seem to have ‘one mind’, it’s as if they playing individually.However i think they will go far in the CL as the likes of Ballack and Shevchenko were born for tournaments such as this.


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