Raul Meireles Hair

Meireles haircut 2012

Something that has been gaining a lot of attention recently is that of Raul Meireles’ haircut. He’s been described as having a dead rodent on his head, which isn’t a bad description.

Whether something has happened to him during his time at Chelsea – perhaps he bet with John Terry that Villas-Boas will not get sacked before the end of the season, and the loser had to get a god-awful haircut? Anyway, his haircut seems to consist of getting the back and sides of his head shaved completely off, with nothing taken from the top, leaving him with some kind of strange barnet.

So here are some of Raul Meireles’ haircuts, from his time at Porto, Liverpool and Chelsea…

Raul Meireles Porto Haircut
Raul Meireles haircut at Porto

Raul Meireles Liverpool Haircut
Raul Meireles haircut at Liverpool

Raul Meireles Chelsea Haircuts
Meireles Haircut

Meireles Haircut Chelsea

Meireles haircut 2012

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