Raul Meireles Tattoos

Out of all of the top footballers Raul Meireles seems to have some of the best body art and tattoos on show so I’ve decided to show a few pictures of various parts of his body complete with tattoo.
Many footballers choose to have tattoos on their bodies nowadays with it seemingly a very modern trend – I can’t really remember footballers from the 70’s displaying any kind of bodyart, perhaps its a new trend. Meireles currently has stars tattooed on his neck, a dragon on his back, one of his wife and daughter, a skull, and many more various pieces of art on his arm and torso. Apparently during his time with Liverpool he wanted to win the award (if there ever was one) for best tattoos – out of Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel, two other highly inked footballers.

Check out some of the pictures of Meireles tattoo’s below:


Meireles arm tattoos

Raul Meireles arm tattoos

Raul Meireles sleeve tattoo

Meireles dragon tattoo back

Meireles tattoos pictures

Even Meireles is tattoos in PES

Meireles dragon tattoo




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