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Ronaldinho Wanted by Berlusconi

As i said before AC Milan are very keen to bring Ronaldinho to the San Siro.

The rumors are consistent and persistent and with Barca not really hitting the mark this year in Europe it might be a possibility than Ronaldinho will consider a move to Milan.

The former president of Italy told media about his plans: “If there ever is a possibility to sign Ronaldinho I will definitely do that.

“I don’t know if he would want to come to Milan but I think he would fit in,” said Berlusconi.

The chairman did add that it is out of the question that Ronaldinho would be traded for Milan’s own Brazilian star, Kaká.


I may work for Milan if Ronaldinho does come over but than again they already have Kaka playing the playmaker role as Ronaldinho would, unless the coach has something else in mind and use Ronnie as a Shevchenko replacement? still somehow it just wouldn’t be right especially as they have Pirlo and Seedorf also playing almost similar roles, one of them will have to go in order for Ronnie to join.

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