The Sol Campbell Chant By Spurs Fans At Portsmouth

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Sol Campbell and Spurs are in the news still after their match at the weekend, where Tottenham fans constantly hurled abuse at their ex-defender. The chant itself pretty much offends just about everyone, but its being reported that it was seen to be racist and that the Police should have been making arrests at the match.

This was the chant, sang to the tune of Lord of the Dance:
“Sol, Sol, wherever you may be
You’re on the verge of lunacy
And we don’t give a f*** if you’re hanging from a tree
You Judas c*** with HIV.”

Pretty sick, even by todays standards. However I don’t really see why its causing so much fuss at the moment, the chant was reportedly sung by Spurs fans 2 years ago when Campbell left Spurs to join fierce rivals Arsenal. I don’t really remember it causing such as fuss back then, or being labelled as being racist. However I also don’t really understand why they give Sol such a hard-time, perhaps they are just venting all their current frustrations at him, who has gone on to much better things since leaving White Hart Lane.

The other chant which is apparently another fans’ favourite for Campbell is this one, which is probably a little more racist:

“He’s big
He’s black
He takes it up the crack
Sol Campbell, Sol Campbell.”

Sol’s brother is currently in prison, serving a 12-month sentence for attacking someone for suggesting that Sol was gay.
I don’t see how this kind of behaviour can be taken out of football though, there’s a fine line between banter and that which was said above, and I don’t really see how it can be ‘policed’ at a football game.

By Matt

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