Did really Neymar deserve credit for being Neymar against the Old Lady?

Without a miracle and even a score, in April 19, FC Barcelona ended up losing 0-3 with Juventus FC in the aggregate. Barcelona failed to score in both stadiums of a Champions League has been a while since the 2012/13 semi-final against Bayern Munich. In its situation that 6 points behind Real Madrid in La… Continue reading Did really Neymar deserve credit for being Neymar against the Old Lady?

Top Five Richest Footballers In 2016

Football happens to be the most popular sport in the world. Goal.com recently released details on the incredible amounts of money footballers are paid, and it provides a detailed look of which players make the most amounts of money and where their wealth comes from. Here are the top 5 richest football players in 2016. Lionel… Continue reading Top Five Richest Footballers In 2016

Pictures of Neymar’s girlfriend

The famous star of FC Barcelona player Neymar actually fits into the category of “celebrities,” and as such he arouses the tremendous interest and curiosity of all football fans. On the other hand, today a remarkable number of hot women frequent the football stadia, and many of these female fans are attracted by expert footballer… Continue reading Pictures of Neymar’s girlfriend

Lionel Messi – Highest Paid Footballer

Lionel Messi beats Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar as the world’s highest-paid footballer. In 2015, Messi’s annual earnings amounted to £59.3 million, earning roughly £1.1 million a week. According to France Football, Ronaldo earned £54 million topping Neymar with an earning of £34.8 million. The article clarified that they took into account the “players’ pre-tax salaries,… Continue reading Lionel Messi – Highest Paid Footballer

Neymar The Diver

Here’s some footage of the friendly between Team GB and Brazil in which Brazil won by 2 goals to nil in what was a quite dull affair, albeit the talent that was on show (especially by Brazil). Neymar looked good on occasion, but I’m hopeful that he stays in Brazil with this kind of diving/play-acting… Continue reading Neymar The Diver