The William Gallas Saga Continues…

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Wow this is a saga of epic porpotions and this is also a sad story of how money will most probably killed the beautiful game.

Gallas moved to Arsenal while Ashley Cole headed the other direction, one would think that would be the end to it but with Chelsea FC coming out of the blocks amid furious fans protest for sellling Gallas to their main rivals and revealed that he had a lack of respect for the manager and club and even threaten that he would score an own goal or get himself sent off, or make deliberate mistakes.

It is understood that Chelsea offered Gallas a huge sum of £150,000 per week and yet he rejected the contract offer.Gallas has assured fans and foes alike that he too wil share his side of the story and i am anticipating it.

Is there possibly an unrest in Chelsea’s dressing room? first an attack on Gallas and than there were rumors of misunderstanding between Kenyon and Mourinho and if you would have paid closed attention to Chelsea’s premier league games you would have noticed that Jose Mourinho and some of the players didn’t particularly looked happy.

Mourinho did make a statement last year that he feels unappreciated at Chelsea not because of the club but because he has always been overlooked (apart from 1 time) for the manager of the month award.Now that might sound like a whole piece of crap but i believe a coach like the “special one” Mourinho would rather win the monthly award than anything else, he did make a comment that he was overlooked because people expect Chelsea to win because of the players they have and because of the money spent on the club…i guess Mourinho feels overshadowed and unappreciated..awwww 😛

But back to Gallas, in his latest statement Gallas is threatening (yet again..) to sue Chelsea for their comments about him and he has categorically denied the accusations saying “I am surprised and shocked by Chelsea’s comments. I never said that I would score an own goal if I had to play for Chelsea.”

What has footy come to? it’s a pity that the beautiful game has been tarnished with such statements and actions not to mention Andy Cole’s threat to retire if Man City didn’t let him go….

Gallas to sue Chelsea

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