Thomas Müller Wife 2021

Thomas Müller Wife 2021

Thomas Müller is  Lisa Müller nee Trede. The couple met while they were still teenagers in 2007. Thomas and Lisa tied the knot in 2009 in Ismaning, Germany.

The couple doesn’t have kids.

Lisa Müller Bio

32-year-old Lisa Müller was born 23 November 1989 in Weilheim in Oberbayern, West Germany. 

She shares the same nationality as her husband.

Lisa Müller Profession

Lisa Müller began an interest in horse riding and a love for horses from an early age which she developed as a career. Her first horse was a Haflinger horse (horse breed) developed in Austria and Northern Italy in the late 19th century.

Currently, she works as a dressage rider and horse rider, and trainer.

Lisa Muller performed her first dressage riding competition in 2014 when Lisa Muller age was 22 years old and started competing in Grand Prix dressage riding in the same year as well.

 In July 2014, she won the silver medal, at the Bavarian u25 state championship

On November 16, 2019, she won the Stuttgart German Masters and with this performance, she qualified for the German Masters, in which they finished third.

Lisa and her husband Thomas Müller now operate 

Gestüt Gut Wettlkam, a horseback riding service in Otterfing, Germany.

Lisa Müller Social Media

Lisa Müller is well-loved by fans and shares pictures of her life and love for horses on her Instagram account and has amassed a following of close to 200K followers.


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