Top 5 Friendliest Footballers Of All Times

Top 5 Friendliest Footballers Of All Times

We got you one of the coolest lists that we have ever done, and it is not because the others aren’t cool. Is because today we will talk about the coolest footballers, the friendliest footballers of the game. Those guys that are known for being true gentlemen inside and outside the field.

Some are still playing, and some are not. But you surely know all of them, these guys are pure class, they are or were great footballers, but the most important thing is that they always played with a gigantic sense of sportsmanship and friendship, and that is what we are praising on this articles

Top 5 Friendliest Footballers Of All Times

1- Radamel Falcao

Radamel Falcao García might not be at the best stage of his career right now, but he is and always have been a true gentleman inside and outside the football pitch. With only 30 years, Falcao has had a long career with many clubs under his trajectory.

He is one of the most outstanding strikers that Colombia has produced. He won many awards during his stance at Porto and Atletico de Madrid. He scored tons of important goals and was one of the favorite players of the supporters and journalists.

Falcao always has time for the press and fans. That is why everybody loves him.

We never saw him getting in any kind of altercation with other players, the other way around; he always seemed to be very friendly with his mates and opponents. A real role model for the young football fans

Top 5 Friendliest Footballers Of All Times

2 – Roberto Carlos

The Brazilian left back is a true legend of the sport. This former football player was known for his tremendous speed, stamina and free kick throws.

This might be the best left that has ever been on football. He played many years for Real Madrid and Brazil, and scored an impressive amount of goals for a defender.

This man did not have any enemies or feuds inside the field. He was one of the friendliest footballers I have ever seen. I remember one time when Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund were facing each other on a UEFA Champions League draw and Roberto Carlos had to shadow Jan Koller on a Corner (how crazy is that?), and they were joking about it during the entire game.

Roberto Carlos is a great man and was a great footballer.

After his career as a player, R. Carlos started managing, he has managed Anzhi Makhachkala (his last team as a player), Sivasspor, Akhisar Belediyespor, and Delhi Dynamos. He is currently without a team.

 Top 5 Friendliest Footballers Of All Times

3 – Giorgio Chiellini

Chiellini is a great defender, his tactical skills let him adapt to any defensive position on the field and make it wonderfully.

He has a strong, physical, and aggressive style of play, but man, this guy is just one of the friendliest guys in the game. When have you seen someone mad at him? Even when Chiellini makes a hard tackle or foul on someone on purpose, the guy just apologize, smiles and shake hands with the rival; a true gentleman.

This player is at a great level and shape, and he always have been since his move to Juventus on 2005, but he seems to get better every year. In his team he is the second captain behind Buffon. And it is because of his leadership and charisma.

Teammates, rivals and fans love him. It is impossible not to, I mean, look a Juventus or Italy game, try to catch it on that part when both teams are about to step on the field, Chiellini is just talking with the other players and making jokes, he must be a great guy to have on your team dressing room.

Friendliest Footballers Of All Times

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4 – Ronaldo

For some people, this is the REAL Ronaldo. However, we are not going to discuss that today, we are here to talk about what a great guy Ronaldo is. Born as Luis Nazario da Lima, Ronaldo is perhaps the friendliest player that I have seen.

We are talking about a player so skillful that he always got chopped on the legs by defenders. He suffered several injuries on his right knee which lead him to step out of the field for a long time. However, Ronaldo always managed to come back stronger than before.

He always played the best that he could and never seemed to have problems with any rival or teammate.

Ronaldo was a magnificent striker who could score from any place of the box in any circumstances, don’t get me wrong, he had an awesome long distance shot, but when that guy stepped inside the box you knew your team was screwed.

He won tons of awards in almost all the stages of his career. He also scored an impressive amount of goals, especially in his early years. If it wasn’t for Miroslav Klose, Ronaldo would be the top scorer of the World Cup tournaments.

Imagine what would have been of Ronaldo if he never had injured like he did

The Friendliest Footballers Of All Times

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5- Gianluigi Buffon

This man is the real definition of a friendly footballer, nobody inside or outside the football pitch seems to dislike this guy, and honestly I just think it is impossible. He is always exchanging words and smiles with other players, and you can see that his teammates and rivals respects him.

Gigi is a true legend of football, a role model inside the field. His sportsmanship is one of his best qualities, along with his goalkeeping skills, you just can’t spend so many years at the top playing bad, right?

This guy holds so many records that we would need to write an entire article about him to name it all, that tells you how good Gianluigi Buffon is below the three posts.

With almost 40 years, Buffon has won almost everything; Serie A, Italy Cup, Italy Super Cup, UEFA Cup, and the FIFA World Cup. The European Championship and the Champions League trophy are the only trophies that he has not raised, let’s see if Juventus can manage to win. But if they don’t do it, and Gigi does not accomplish that who cares; Buffon is one of the best players in the world, and one of the friendliest footballers ever.

Top Friendliest Footballers Of All Times

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