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It’s Kevin Footballer Agent Sketch

football agent funny

You’ve probably never seen this sketch show before (its currently showing on BBC2 at about 10pm on Thursdays) and its a bit hit and miss. Some sketches are funny, some less so. Anyway here’s one of my favourites – featuring the misunderstood footballer and his agent/ghostwriter! (Skip to 12.29!)

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Van Persie almost walks into Arsenal dressing room

Van Persie wrong changing room

Here’s Van Persie proving old habits die young, almost entering the Arsenal dressing room. Who’d have thought he’d want to return to Arsenal eh? Manager Wenger later stated that he did in fact come into the changing room, after the game, to enjoy the food and chat to the players…

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Dortmund’s Moving Crowd Collage vs Malaga

Dortmund crowd champions league

Collage is probably the wrong word to use but whatever the name, it still looks pretty cool…

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Ronaldinho playing keepy-upy’s with team mates son

Ronaldinho keepy up video

Looks like he’s still got the skills!

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Messi vs Neymar Video

footy news blog

Who’s the better player – Messi or Neymar? Take a look at the video below.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Passing Video

Ronaldo passes compilation

Not really noted for his passing ability so much as his ability to find the back of the net and leave defenders on their backsides, here’s a video of Cristiano Ronaldo passing the ball around the pitch!

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Amazing Forlan Freekick

forlan free kick inter

Title says it all really – amazing free kick taken by Forlan of Internationale!

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Amazing Totti Backheel

Totti backheel pass

Absolute top quality backheel from Totti.. can’t really expect anything else! This took place in their Serie A match with Parma at some point in history!

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Excellent Documentary on AC Milan Youth Setup

AC Milan youth documentary

Here’s an excellent video showing what its like to work within the AC Milan youth set up. A 5 part video sequence, its well worth watching the rest of these even if you’re not a great fan of Italian football – it’s really interesting stuff. Enjoy!

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Player bows before Ronaldinho pre match

footy news blog

Ronaldinho’s been doing brilliantly since returning to Brazil, check out the video of the player responses to meeting the legend. It’ll probably not be too dissimilar to most players reactions to meeting John Terry…

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