Where to play Indoor Football in Dublin

Playing soccer in Dublin

Where to play Indoor Football in Dublin

This is the first post in a series designed at helping you to find a suitable venue to play football in your local city, in this post we’ll explore the best places to play indoor football in the beautiful Irish city of Dublin.

With it being St Patrick’s day we at FootyBlog.net feel today is the ideal day to celebrate all things Irish, so Guinness, Roy Keane and Father’s Ted… so if you’ve not drunk too many Guinness, where is the best place to be playing indoor football in Dublin?

Roy Keane

Playing Football in North Dublin

To those uneducated in Dublin geography/politics, the City is divided into the North & South side. Here are the best football venues if you happen to live North of the river Liffey.

Dublin Indoor Soccer, Santry (Dublin 9)

Located in Santry, not far from Dublin airport, Dublin Indoor Soccer has great, modern facilities (as far as I know it’s not been open for long) and is ran by a guy called John. The centre itself is over 40,000 sq feet (according to it’s website; I didn’t get time to verify their claim) with 3 great artificial-turf pitches. Playing games here it can get a little warm being indoors, but being set in a large warehouse means it’s not as bad as some other venues. It’s suitable here for playing 5/6/7 a side or even 10 a side using the one large pitch that’s just opened up.
Facilities are good, all clean and modern, and you don’t have to worry about cutting your legs up if you slip or are crudely taken out on the pitch – unlike most astro-turf pitches, the pitch here isn’t so painful to land on.

Dublin Indoor Football, Santry

The only negatives here are the location, with it being about 20 mins from the City Centre on the bus (around €8 return on the bus) which will be accompanied by about €7 being paid to play in a 6-a-side game. It’s not the cheapest, and it’s not the easiest to get to (unless you live on the North-side already and have your own transport) but you can get a very good game going here.

Consider joining the Dublin Indoor Soccer Meetup group if you want to join in a game, they currently play every Tuesday at 9pm.

Website: Dublin Indoor Football


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AstroPark, Coolock (Dublin 17)

AstroPark boast Ireland’s largest floodlight 5-a-side outdoor football pitches and have great facilities at two locations, Coolock in North Dublin and Tallaght in South Dublin (see below).
AstroPark in Coolock offer great facilities, including several floodlight 5 a side outdoor synthetic-grass pitches. Each pitch contains a netted roof and side panels preventing the ball going out of play every 2 minutes. Cost is around €6 per 5-a-side game, but one nice feature of the website is that you can free games by joining the subs bench – ultimately playing as a sub for any teams whenever they’re short of players.

Astropark Football, Coolock

Website: AstroPark

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Playing Football in South Dublin

There doesn’t seem to be quite so many football venues in South Dublin, here are 2 we recommend you check out.

AstroPark, Tallaght 24

You can read the paragraph above for the background on the AstroPark football facilities, the only noticeable difference between this location and the Coolock one is that Tallaght doesn’t currently have Bar facilities for a cheeky pint after the match.

Website: AstroPark

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Dublin Indoor Sports, Terenure (Dublin 6)

Dublin Indoor Sports is a sports centre at Terenure College in Dublin 6 where they host a range of sports, thankfully including indoor football.
They host a variety of leagues here, including a mixed sex game on Thursday evenings and a mens league on Monday evenings. Facilities are on par with most other indoor venues, with a solid floor and sides making it for an occasional pinball-like-affair. Games here are a little pricey with a registration fee of €20 payable for every season, then around €10 every game going forward.

Being in Dublin 6 it’s still around 30 minutes on the bus from the City centre and is perhaps more accessible to those based in South Dublin.

Website: Dublin Indoor Sports

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Know of any other decent places to play indoor football in Dublin? Leave a comment below and if we like the sound of it we’ll try and review it here. Equally, if you agree with any of the above, then just let us know!

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