Zlatan Ibrahimovic` wife 2021

Zlatan Ibrahimovic` wife 2021

Zlatan Ibrahimovic` has been with his long-term partner Helena Seger since 2002.

They have two sons, Maximilian (born 22 September 2006) and Vincent (born 6 March 2008).

Helena Seger Bio

Helena Seger was born on 25 August 1970 in Lindesberg, Sweden. She is the oldest of three siblings, has a younger sister named Karin and a younger brother who is called Henrik.

Helena Seger Education and Profession

In 1998 while working for Austria Tabak Helena Seger also studied communication, marketing, and brand management at university. She has also studied pattern design and fabric embroidery.

Later she did a degree in economics and became the marketing manager of the then newly started FlyMe. 

In 2005 she left the job and joined her husband in Italy. Since then she has been working as a real estate agent.

Due to her stunning looks, Helena has also modeled for several fashion brands.

Helena Seger Social Media

Helena doesn’t have any social media accounts. Due to her popularity, there are however several fan-based accounts.

Her husband however has a verified Instagram account with has close to 50 million followers.





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