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The 5 best Football Films Ever

The top 5 best Football Films of all times

If you are a football and a film lover, this is the article that you have been waiting for! Today we will give you the top 5 best Football Films of all times

If you’re going to watch a film, better be about football, right? This list has the best of the best, from top to bottom. You might know the most of them because they are really popular, but, which great movie isn’t? I hope you’re ready, you have to rent or buy this films, they will make you laugh-cry-scream and leave you breathless, just get some pop corn and groceries and hit your favorite couch.

The 5 best Football Films Ever

Honorific Mention of Football Films

There are tons of movies about this beautiful topic, and so many films have been shot from all over the world. We want to give an honorific mention to some great films that you should definitely see, they will give you a whole different look about how people from different countries feels this sport.

‘Hermano’ (2010), ‘Montevideo, Bog Te Video’ (2010), ‘A Shot At Glory’ (2001), ‘Rudo y Cursi’ (2008), ‘Victory’ (1981).

5 – Mean Machine (2001)

This British Comedy – Drama film is considered a classic in football films. Mean Machine is a fun film to watch, it has everything, action, drama, laughs and football. This adaptation of the 1974 American film ‘The Longest Yard’ stars Vinnie Jones – the former Leeds, Wimbledon and Chelsea defender – as Danny Meehan, a former Captain of the England National Team that was banned for fixing football games and was locked up for the assault of two police officers.

Once in jail, Meehan start coaching a convict football team. Jason Statham plays `Monk`, a crazy goalkeeper that will amuse you. If you are an oldschool Premier League fan, you will recognize Charlie Hartfield (former Sheffield United and Swansea City) Paul Fishenden and Brian Gayle (Wimbledon FC) and the one and only Ryan Giggs, I think we all know him.

Best Football Films

4 – Fever Pitch (1997)

This is that kind of movie that you watch with your girlfriend o boyfriend, this 1997 film starring Collin Firth is based on the best-seller book written by Nick Horby, ‘Fever Pitch: A Fan’s Life’ . Fever Pitch tells a story about a romantic relationship that is affected by Arsenals 1988-89 winning season.

Parts of the film were shot near the Arsenals old stadium, Highbury; but the scenes on the terrace were filmed at Fulham’s Craven Cottage because the terracing at Highbury was removed by the time the film was shot.

This is one of the best football films ever because it has real elements of Arsenal’s History, the movie ends with the Michael Thomas last minute goal to win Liverpool 2-0 and win the title.

The 5 best Football Films Ever

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3 – The Football Factory (2004)

Shot in a documentary style, The Football Factory tells the story of a violent Chelsea Hooligan firm member who lives for the weekend football matches and spends his days drinking and fighting other hooligan firms over London. One day he gets caught by the police during the assault of two Stoke City fans whilst travelling to an away match.

The film is based on the novel of the same name written by John King, and it’s the first foray by video game producer Rockstar Games into film making, so if you are related to the Grand Theft Auto saga you can imagine the quantity and quality of the violence in the film. This film also stars Danny Dyer, Dudley Sutton, Tamer Hassan and Frank Harper in the main roles.

Despite of being a crude hard violent movie it’s worth watching, 100% recommended.

Greatest Football FIlms Ever

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2 – The Dammed United (2009)

The Dammed United is a sports drama about the unfortunate tenure of the manager of Leeds United in 1974. This is another film based on a novel, ‘The Dammed Utd’ by David Peace.

After the disappointing disqualification of England for the 1974 FIFA World Cup, England manager Alf Ramsey gets sacked and is replaced by Don Revie from Leeds United, who had a successful career before taking the National Team Manager Job. With the manager role vacant on the club, Leeds signs Brian Clough, the former manager of Derby County.

 However, during his career at Derby County, the manager Brian Clough had a strong rivalry against Leeds and used to clapper claw their style of play. Clough ended his relation with Derby on bad terms, and got a contract with Brighton & Hove Albion. Nevertheless, Clough got the chance to manage Leeds United and took it, his assistant coach however, stayed at Brighton.

If I keep telling the story you won’t have to watch the film, and that’s not our intention. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out right now. It is a really entertaining and interesting football film that mix fictional and real events.

The 5 best Football Films Ever

1 – Green Street (2005)

This is an American –British independent drama film written and directed by Lexi Alexander about her own experience in her brother’s hooligan firm.

The film stars Elijah Wood as Matt Buckner, an American Journalism student that travels  to London to visit his sister , and Charlie Hunnam as Pete,  West Ham supporter who leads a hooligan firm called ‘Green Street Elite’ who is also Matt’s sister brother in law.

The story unfolds with Pete taking Matt to football games and introducing him to his friends, who are always arranging fights after the football matches of their beloved West Ham United.

This football was nominated to several independent awards, winning some of them. In spite of being hardly criticized by some journalist, Green Street made a big box office along the world and had two sequels, ‘Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground’ and ‘Green Street 3: Never Back Down’, but none as famous and good as the first. Green Street has his fan base all around the world. If you haven’t seen it then I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Best Football Films Ever

I hope you enjoyed this article of the 5 best Football Films Ever, if there is any movie that you think it should have been here let us know in our comment section below. See you later!

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