World Cup 2018 The Ultimate Guide For Armchair Fans: The Review

This quirky, light-hearted yet informative book really is the ultimate guide for armchair fans and a must for anyone who loves the World Cup and is looking forward to following the tournament from the comfort of their own home – this (along with a few beers and a pizza delivery on speed dial!) is the perfect companion to accompany you through football’s biggest competition.

This handy read is a relaxed look at past World Cups through to the present. It’s not too serious but at the same time has interesting facts and stats as well as fascinating World Cup tales that you might never know if you didn’t have this unusual little page turner next to you whilst you are downing your beers and pizza.

Of course, there is nothing like going to a football match, especially attending a World Cup game or being involved in the tournament, but having this book on the arm of your sofa is definitely a good substitute for making you feel like you are part of the competition and it has everything you will need to know from who has qualified and how they did it to a low down on each team including their history and players to watch – perfect for those who like to swat up on and gain vital knowledge without having to troll the internet – there are 1510,000,000 websites if you search World Cup 2018 on google! So finding what you are looking for may prove difficult and time consuming online, whereas everything you will need to know is compacted into this amusing yet extremely informative book.

The style in which the book is written is also very appealing. Instead of a non-fiction, bullet point, flamboyant and intense wording, it’s phrased in such a way that you feel like you are having a conversation about the footie with you mates or debating the match over a few beers at the pub – it’s informal, conversational and easy reading making this book a relaxed read you will be reaching for time and time again during the World Cup.

The final part of the book has every fixture, time, date, where the match is being played, boxes for you to fill out the scores and teams as well as when the quarter, semi and final is reached. All very handy – saves on getting your gigantic fixture poster you got free with your newspaper out and then struggling to fold it up correctly again. As with everything in this great read, this is straight forward, easy, and the author has even pencilled England in for you into the ‘final’ so that will save you having to complete that box and it gives us all hope and a chance to dream…

To conclude, light-hearted, packed with serious and humorous information about the teams and players you will be watching throughout the World Cup – this book has it all covered. If you want undemanding and enlightening and if you like the World Cup then you will love this page turner, it is a must have for football fans and anyone with a sense of humour.

Wide screen TV – tick
Beer – tick
Pizza ordered – tick
World Cup 2018 the ultimate guide for armchair fans – TICK!!!

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By Matt

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