Scout Report: Denmark

Background The last 23 years has been a historical period for Danish football, internationally, and nationally. It was 22 years ago, in 1992, that the former domestic football championship was rebranded the Danish Superliga, and it’s been 21 years since the national side remarkably, against the odds, won the European Championships. The country has produced… Continue reading Scout Report: Denmark

Watch Denmark vs Germany Online Free

So Denmark find themselves in the difficult situation of needing to gain a win or a draw against Germany and to also hope that other results go their way – namely for Holland to beat Portugal. It could get a bit more complicated than this but this is the general gist. Another upset could be… Continue reading Watch Denmark vs Germany Online Free

Watch Holland vs Denmark Online Free

One of the favourites to win the competition face probably one of the biggest outsiders in Denmark at 5pm GMT today in what should be a great match to open Group B. Holland are many people’s favourites to go on and win the trophy, especially after their World Cup final appearance against Spain. They have… Continue reading Watch Holland vs Denmark Online Free